The what you do for a living thread!

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So how do you guys pay your bills?

I'm a graphic artist at a boutique studio in Newport Beach designing and producing really girly things; girls to women's clothes, novelty books, cups, mugs, cosmetic packaging, personal care etc, etc...

...and I drive a Miata. =D>
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Mechanic @ Merchant's Auto
Network Technician at Volt Information Services.
CNC Machinist/Operator/Programmer!
Mostly wireline tools and above ground fittings.

"I run that ****"
Porter @ a local Honda dealership. lots of time to screw around and clean the car, plus free use of lifts/tools, and a nice alignment rack. also a full time HS student. hope to be a Porsche tech, if I get accepted to their school.
I had a little job change... Im now the head detailer at Ron Clark Motors (Ford dealership). I have my own building :p Now thats a nice little step up from being a carwash kid :mrgreen:
I work for Ford's Extended Service Program. When dealerships have to do big extended warranty jobs, they call me for the ok. (and I usually hassle them by sending an inspector.)

On weekends, I'm the lead singer and guitarist in a local cover band.
industrial designer.
Anybody actually paying you to do it? I have an Industrial Design degree from RIT, but I graduated in Oct. 2001 and kinda slipped through the cracks.
library clerk and college super-senior, next step is to get a masters in library science.
I work in the r/c industry. We import and distribute electronics for r/c cars. check it out
Anybody looking to hire a 16 year old with absolutely no skills or talent whatsoever? 8)

And I'm a student.
Steel worker / Glass & frame unit installer / other construction depending on what work is available.

Occasional website design for businesses

Full time college.
well thats one way to sell yourself :p
Anybody looking to hire a 16 year old with absolutely no skills or talent whatsoever? 8)

And I'm a student.
i suggest driving down to hollywood friday to sunday nights and start standing around outside of Rainbow Bar and Grill on sunset.
Service Advisor for Mercedes-Benz dealership.

Previously worked for Glidden Paint as a vendor in Los Angeles, before that operator for Southern California AAA, and Sears Hardware dept. during highschool and college.
I work for coca cola as a merchandiser. I drive from store to store putting up coke.
121 - 140 of 945 Posts
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