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Well, like the title says I think it's time to move on. I just finished my DIY Turbo project and already I think it's time to sell it. It's a 1996 Miata base black with 120,xxx miles. LOTS of aftermarket stuff and most all of it is new. Just did a timing belt, water pump, front crank seal, rear main seal, Spec Stage 2 clutch, new stock radiator with 160* thermostat, HKS turbo mainifold, T28 turbo off a Skyline, front mount intercooler, Hard Dog Sport single diag roll bar with harness bar, Super Advan Racing wheels, NGK wideband, and some other small stuff. Well what do you guys think its worth??
Heres a short video
heres some pictures

Also a couple out side shots are in my photo garage. Thanks
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