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Third post in the historic Roadster JDM forum!

So it was said and so it was done - potato style 8)

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I posted above as Guest.

My name is Chris and I am a JDM-holic.
[group] Hi Chris[/group]

I am stationed in Iraq have a friend car sit while his car is Atl, for a new motor at Papa Joe's (R*Speed).

I am monaco on and Gunny on teampointless.

Woking on photos of the car, really haven't had time to do much before I came here.

Priority of work for the car-

New motor 1.8 (99+ maybe 01+) or built to the hilt 1.6
Interior swap (was thinking Red, but with silver maybe dark blue)
Paint and body work
ITRBs if 1.6 Turbo if 1.8

Nothing to spend tax-free money on over here so the car gets it.

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Were did you guys go

:cry: Internet down for one day and every one leaves the forum. :D By the way hi, and the new home looks great, I guess I need to sumit some pics to the garage.

bad mother f......
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Bryan said:
Stealth97 said:

Its nice to take a break from the land of the pointy
Oh wow...there's someone I wasn't expecting to see! Welcome :)
Thats good, I think? Im glad that theres a place now without the JDM haters!
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