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Hey all, I got linked to this site off the Puget Sound Miata Gearheads mailing list, and it sounds like a lot more fun here than (or perhaps they just scratch different itches).

I post on Miatanet as "NeglectedMiata" and as "Noizemaker" on a crapload of other car boards.

Right now, the stable consists of three cars. A broken Neon, a rapidly getting better Miata, and a bone stock S2k as a driver. The Miata is becoming increasingly less street friendly, yet strangely more fun all the time.

Here's what's been done to the 94 Miata so far.
Fresh motor (Finally!)
RB header,
Unorthodox UDP
Enthusa exhaust
Fidanza flywheel
ACT clutch
FM front strut brace
Adrenaline Racing underbody brace
FM rear cannon brace (well, installed on my toolbox, I haven't actually 'clearanced' the car yet for it)
Tein HAs
HDSport with an extra bar welded in because apparently the chassis brace is NOT the place for harnesses ;)
Some generic cockpit bling, wheel, hub, shiftknob, etc.
K1s in 15x7, with Ecsta MX for tires.
Cobalt Spec Miata pads
Broken white crappy Snugtop hardtop.

I know there's more, but I don't want to type more and that gets the general idea across. ;) Here's a quick (and dirty) pic of the car last fall at Thunderhill, the car is very dirty, but it's one of my favorites of it.

The car is taking a break from being modified so I can actually enjoy it this summer, but this winter it's gonna get the rest of the fun goodies. I have a set of AE101s sitting on the shelf waiting for an adapter plate, and the car is going to see some Megasquirt action, as well as some extra compression and cams if all goes according to plan... we'll see. Ive been taking some crap for having two roadsters lately, but ya know what? The miata is hands-down more fun to drive.

Anyhow, I'll post more from work as it's bound to get boring there, but for now, it's time to call it a night. :)


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Yeah, a crapload.

where to start? I just blew up my 2.0 SRT turbocharged motor, so in is going the following setup on the ACR:

2.4l Mexican Stratus RT block, T2 rods, stratus RT pistons (8.1:1), USDM 2.0l head, Crane 14s, Vortech SFMU, 40lb injectors, Walbro 255, SRT turbofold, 3" custom DP-back, Koni Yellows, Eibach Prokit (but this may become a customhacked Tein setup) 01 RT leathers, '00 console, EDM tails, mirrors and cluster, Dakota overhead console, pop-out coupe windows, some stereo crap, 15" Slipstreams with Ecsta MXes, Momo Montecarlo wheel, custom removable gauge pack, i'm sure there's some other stuff, too.

...damn. I've put a lot of money in that car... but the Miata is quickly playing catch-up.
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