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1992 Roadster Red, Built 1.6 turbo, FM V-Maxx Classic Stage 2, 15x9 JNC 010, 225/45r15 Tires
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So here's a bit of an update. I went down to Florida to pick up Sukie, and I've been driving her around to break in the the engine, and damn does that GTX2860R rip! But the interior has really been bugging me. So I've finally gotten around to fixing it...again.
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As you can see, I've done quite a bit. First thing was to install that gorgeous KG Works gauge cluster. That matched with Revlimiter Adam's gauges is just a sight to behold. So I thought it was best to just rip the dash out of course!

As you can see, my flocking job turned from a gorgeous black to a nasty brown color. To remedy that, I spend many nights removing the old flocking with citristrip, and then recovering the upper part in real Alcantara. This won't fade or shrink or anything. And after lusting over Adam's interior, I finally bit the bullet, and bought his gauge cups. Fitting them was definitely tough, but the final product is incredible. While the dash was out, I decided to get all of my new AC bits in. So now I have an entirely refreshed and resealed AC system, that will hopefully be pressure tested and filled properly, and ready for MATG!!
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