To Much Volts....HELP!

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I have a 1.6L FM2 with a Volt meter. It usually is at 14volts and now it is at 18 volts. Is this bad? Should i drive the car? What are some basic things to check out that could be the problem? All help would be appreciated.
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sounds like ur alternator is in constant full fielding charge. with the car off. get a voltmeter and test straight battery voltage.make sure its not under min. 12v. otherwise you're just overworknig ur alt when all you need is a simple battery chage. i thinkk thats the problem. check it out
bad voltage regulator.. have someone test the alternator. Thats assuming your voltage gauge is correct. Might want to get a multi-meter and check it out to be sure. If it is correct, you need to get it taken care of asap..
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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