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These are TODA 304 duration 9mm lift cams. Ive had them in my motor for about 3k miles now and there is nothing wrong with them, im just a madman and am getting some real monster cams to meet my 200hp goal.
I made 175whp with these cams before the motor was even fully broken in. You can read my build thread here:

You will def want atliest upped compression, headwork and other supporting mods with these cams. You wouldnt want to put them in an otherwise basically stock engine.
They dont make much power down low but start coming on around 4500rpms and make power all the way to 9000rpms. No, i am not including the shim under bucket lifters. You can get the mazdaspeed ones for $200 new. Or I will include some perfect condition stock 99 solid lifters for free but you shouldnt rev them past 8k or so on a regular basis
And because i know this question is coming. Yes, the idle was fine. Pretty lopy but it idled fin around 1k-1200rpm
They are $550-$600 each plus shipping new. remember they only have 3k miles on them
I want $500 for both cams shipped.

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