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PBC will do a good job, when I was in there for a diagnostic (thermosensor unplugged, FUBARed O2 sensor) they were doing a frame-off top install, which is definitely the way to go.

At the very least, ask them about sourcing a top. Since they only install Robbins tops (which are top quality) they know how to get the good tops for cheap.

On the other hand, look for a 99+ Soft Top (with OEM glass window!) and frame together, and I'll offer my garage and air tools (trust me, saves your wrists...) to help you install it some weekend soon. Location's somewhere in the Vienna/Mclean/Great Falls area... Don't want to be too open on the internet yet.

Oh! And if you chose to install it yourself, we can tackle it together too. Just not at my place. It took me a whole weekend to install my new top... And I regretted it cause I forgot to get the proper tools and had to MacGyver some parts of the install. But I know where to source them now in NoVA and can get some discount at the places that sell the parts.
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