Track Day!!!

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I was just up at the track Nov. 4th, last Saturday for my frist time at a drag strip. I went up there with my buddy Jimmy he drives an 89 5.0 with many mods all tuned for his 100 shot of nitrous. We got there and it was raining with about 20 or so people there, we waited 2 hours for the drizzeling to stop, the dryed the track and there was 8 of us left :mrgreen: so I got 12 runs in. Didn't do too bad for my 1st time, most runs were real low 16s and I had 2 runs in the 15s my best being 15.975, (I will attach the time slips once I get them scanned in at home, currently at school) My only mod is my full exhaust from the cat. It was a great experience and I will def. be going back, this might change my mind from setting my car up for drifting and I may set it up for drag =O then again I havn't been to a drift event yet so I won't complety decide yet. But my next mod for sure is TURBO!!! but when I was there with the total of 8 people, 2 Evos, 1 Old 2Door 2.5 WRX, SRT 4, Integra (with a B16 from Japan full body stripped all motor running low 14's) 98 Mustang completly stock, me and my buddy. then there was an old school camaro running high 13's and a few guys on bikes. I'll post all pics when I get home. thanks for reading :mrgreen:
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