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Sorry to hear you got hit man. The down side to riding a bike is that more often than not its someone else's negligence that gets you injured/killed. Glad you made it out relatively unscathed.

That fuel cell is awesome. 50% larger than stock is nice. Also is it filled with open cell foam to prevent slosh, or is that just packaging?
That is open cell foam in there.

What you said is the sad truth about motorcycles.

Nice work man, If you need any help reach out to me. I did this swap about 5 years ago and i'm still racing the car. I've spent the wrong money on everything and learned the hard way of what not to do.

PS. **** that hit and run guy, seriously. glad to hear you're ok.
I will definitely keep that in mind, Thank you very much!
Shitty thing about the accident, but glad to see you are ok and still hammering things out.

Keep at it bud!
Thank you for the kind words. :D

The fabricator has reassured me that the time for the miata is getting closer!
181 - 183 of 365 Posts
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