Tree's V8 Roadster

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Chevy 5.7L LS1 from 1998 Corvette
Fully ported and polished heads
Comp Cams 231/234 .619''/.612'' 111 LSA Billet Camshaft
Comp Cams Cam Lock Plate
ARP 2000 Rod bolts
ARP Head Bolts
ARP Crank Pulley Bolt
OEM GM Racing Division Lifters
OEM GM LS2 Timing Set
Manley Pro-Flow Race Valves- Intake and Exhaust
Comp Cams Trunion Retrofit Kit
0.060" Ford Rocker Shims
Comp Cams Racing Valve Locks
.675 PRC Dual Sprung Valve Springs
PRC Titanium Valve Retainers and Seats
Comp Cams Titanium Sprung Valve Stem Seals
Mellings High Pressure Ported Oil Pump
Texas-Speed Chromemoly Push Rods
All New OEM GM Gaskets/Seals/Head Gaskets
Mahle Perfect Circle Piston Rings
LS6 Valley Cover/PCV Conversion
Complete cruise control and A/C delete
ATL 15 Gallon Fuel Cell

Brakes, Suspension and Wheels:
Work Meister CR01 Wheels
15x9 +7 Front
15x9.5 +1 Rear
Depowered steering rack

Harddog M1 Hardcore Hardtop Double Diagonal Bar w/built in harness bar
Flyin' Miata Frame stainless steel Rails

Bride Vios 3 Seats (replicas for the time being)
2 Garage Star Seat Rails
2 Pole Position Keys
Custom Door Cards

OEM Hardtop- No Headliner or Defrost
Tuckin99 N2 Fender Flares
APR GT3 carbon fiber mirrors
Slick Auto mirror mounts
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Why you do dis?!?!
This hurts. I'm hoping its some sort of terrible joke, but its not April yet.
Oh man. I was just reading this for the first time and was getting excited to see the car caged. That hit me like a brick. :cry:
I wish I could say this is a joke, but it's true. It's being parted out.
I'm still offended that this build was not finished. *sigh*
361 - 365 of 365 Posts
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