trying to find nice fan/ac knob, any help

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hey gang, i'm trying to find a nice fan/ac knob for my car. Leni used to carry a TT style one, pictured below, that i really liked, but it is no longer available as per Leni, so i'm kinda stuck. anyone know of any other knob that would look good. i don't really like the KG one an the one Moss sells is kinda ugly in my opinion, so any help would be great.

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Edit: never mind...just noticed the one I'm recommending is the one you don't like.
wow, so my only two options are the KG Works item or the Moss Motors one. that sucks as i'm not too hot on either, but i guess i'll be buying one of the two. i just wish i could get my hands on one of the ones Leni used to sell

thanks guys
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