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I am trying to make some room in the garage and make some extra cash while I am unemployed, so prices are OBO. I am willing to ship and all prices include shipping. Local folks (Minneapolis, MN) will get a price that reflects the no shipping.

Tsudo N1 2.5" Stainless Cat-Back Exhaust - SOLD

G-Force Lapbelt w/ Eye-Bolts - $50

Great belt if you are in a car that you can't or don't want to run a harness in (like a Miata w/o a roll bar). Comes with eye bolts so you can remove it easily when not in use. Bought it this summer and never installed it.

Bosch Air Filter for w/ 3" coupler for DIY intake $20

OEM replacement filter originally for 3rd Gen Honda Prelude (88-91) used to make a DIY cone intake for the Miata. Test fitted, never used. Just buy one of these, bolt up and go:

OEM Miata Gauge Cluster - $35

Bought this off of eBay for the lens, don't need the rest. Never tried it, but it was sold as working when I bought it. 2 things: One, it needs bulbs, so save yours if you swap. I gave mine away to someone who needed them for a project. Also, I accidentally touched the face on the tach with my bare finger and smugded it. Not terrible, just reuse your old one which is held on with 2 screws.

OEM Gauge Surround w/o lens - $15

The hard part is done on this one (removing the plastic lens). Missing the turn signal lenses. Get your cool overlay and go to town.

Gauge Surround with 3M DiNoc "Carbon Fiber Vinyl" overlay - $30

I did this myself with the 3M Carbon fiber vinyl. It would need a but of work to look perfect. The face looks great but the top/curved part is peeling at the edges. It would probably look great if you cracked it open and just removed the top-most vinyl.
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