Turbo Manifold Question

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Ok, so I picked the turbo I'm going to be using, but i was wondering what manifold i need? #-o

turbo :

mirror :
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holy crap........ I'm going to go with.... the hotside inlet is big enought that it'll just bolt to the head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wow x 2
i wish the link worked so i could be just as stunned.
looks like took a ****, put another link up.
my god that thing would be half the size of a miata engine
time to run squential turbos to spool that sucker.
pfff I run that turbo now. However I must say I feel like its not giving me the power gains that I want. I just ordered this turbo from this guy. Its going to be over nighted from japan tonight. I think that it will be able to give me results I am looking for in my miata.

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yeah, That's a much better choice..... you'll break the 200hp mark easy with that sucker....
Heh, where is that darn supra video of them testing the borg warner turbo.... brb :p

found it ;)
Dear lord.......
damn that supra was bad!! but it sounded like the turbo spooled like 1000rpms from redline hahahahaa
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