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considering if i can get a good price... so what would you guys pay for it

1.6L 148-150ish k miles, no power steering, no a/c, black int. no cracks on dash
socal car, so no rust and all oil/fluid changes done when needed(lsd/engine etc etc.)
new radiator(koyo, oe replacement)
new water pump, and all seals etc etc
new timing belt
h4 conversion housings
custom intake w/ hks mushroom
cusco strut tower bar
drilled rotors all around
high flow cat
steel braided lines(front for sure, rear i forgot if there was or not)
megan 32 way adj. coilovers
ground control rear sway bar
roll bar(i dont know what)
imsa racing bucket seat
mazdaspeed 2 way lsd
racing beat headers
custom yoshimura exhaust
wings west spoiler
sportmax 002 0-offset 195/50/15 ziex

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you're selling your car?!!
maybe kiddo, cause the baby is coming soon

Dude why would sell it cause you have a baby coming? I never understood that. I have a 5 month old and i actually bought mine right after he was born. Long as you have another vehicle keep the Miata as your sanctuary. Believe me you will need something you can retreat to from time to time. Think about it.

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yea if you really dont want to sell your car, 6 months after the babys born youll be kickin yourself. I had my daughter when i was your age, but i kept my car, even though i had to hear a bunch of ****, but im glad that i did. My wife is gonna have my second in august and sellin mine hasnt crossed my mind.
By the way I accidently pressed the thank button instead of the reply button dont know what it did.
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