Ultimate N/A Sex!

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Found this picture in a link from another topic :)

From (Cox & Associates Motorsports):

Check out the "About the Car" link to find out more about this bad boy!
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Sexy... Nice extension of the cage into the engine compartment...
^ didn't notice that. i wanna see vid's of it running.
that thing means business! what i wouldn't do for ITB's
hey i saw him before! in the sfscca, i'll provide pictures next time out, if i see him or if i remember
That'd be great if you could do that, man. That's a pretty awesome car he's got going on, and if he's willing to talk about it, I'm definitely taking notes :)
omiGAWD :shock:

Glad to see even pros have uses for duct tape under the hood :mrgreen:
If you can't duct it......screw it. Yeah that's how it goes.
Re: Ultimate NA Sex!

PCV system routing (or lack of) has me a little confused. Guess the catch can has a filter on the top? But still, it's only acting as a vent now, no oil is going to make it's way over there.

Looks really nice!
Isn't this car an NB? I guess it's NA as in Naturally Aspirated. It's for sale too.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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