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i'm using racing beat sway bars and the car is showing some understeer and im not liking i have illuminas should i stiffend the rear and sofften the front or stiffend the front and sofften the rear? i stiffend the rear and got better turn in but i have this floating feeling in the front. could this be due to tire choice too?
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What tires are you running, i think it'll make more of a difference.

Set your front bar to full soft and rear to full stiff, try how it is and then go from there.
right now im just running some Bridgestone Potenza re720 195/50/15 im going to switch to Hankook Ventus R-S2 Z212 same size but better compond

ok i have the racing beat adjustible end links do i want the end links to be shorter or longer to stiffen the swaybar? i know the rear sway has 2 holes u can choose to put the end link but the front isnt that adjustable. ill soften up the front shocks and stiffen the rear. thanks for the help
Shockingly, you can get understeer from having TOO SOFT a front bar. It doesn't make much sense at first, but in 6 years of autocrossing, I've found it to be true. Too small a front bar doesn't allow the front tires to grip which creates understeer.
Cars don't understeer, drivers do.
yeah i've heard that my friends keep telling me that control the car with throttle but through constant chicanes the car would lose speed and a 1.6 wont give u the throttle response i want rather mess with suspension than get more power right now
I would lengthen your endlinks to take the preload off the bar. I did this and it took most of the understeer away. You can also try playing with your tire pressure's a bit.
thanks. i think i got wat i needed done i've actually messed with the sway bars almost got the car around neutral steer
rev:running rb rear sway... on the stiffer setting it holds more load and actually does create more under. on the soft setting it complied more to oversteer commands. its currently on undesireable rear negative cambere as well. so even with more stiffness in the rear sways dialed in, i'm actually getting initial turn in under which it feels to be from the excess neg rear camber...
r u also running the front rb swaybar? i was thinking about messing with the camber too
the front is stock...only running strut bar in front this moment. if its oversteer you want. which route are you planning to make. sometimes toe out in the front wheels can give over by means of changing its slip angles. but that being said, so can excessive neg. camber up front with giving up some braking power as a compromise.
try what revlimit suggested. given everything else is not affecting handling that much. set the sway bar adjustment in front towards the inner holes for stiffer and the rear towards the outer hole at the end of the bar for softer. this will surely force the front to comply more to ur turn in given u don't just stab the brakes. the rear should have less torsion letting it brake lose under weight transfer. if anything, ur understeer will at least lessen.

as for me, i'm ok...and have no choice in having some understeer in my car. besides, its an open diff no point in trying to do crazy drifts here. my tail wiggles and more throttle will just upset it more. hope you can find an comfortable setting that suits you, or one that you can tolerate.
ok i want the set up for grip but im having too much understeer i just want a hint of it. i changed the tire set up and it seems to be working. increase the grip in the front with falkens same size all around. but im getting the hang of dailing in my car to the way i like it. just a couple more changes and i should be good to go.

thanks for all the help guys
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