Undertray options

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Now that I dont have a big FMIC in the way, What are my undertray optins? Does/didn't beatrush make a cool aluminum one?
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^ Hey! An update on that: the next version had louvers which drew air out under the more overheating! He swears by it, but I'll have to see (and try) it before I believe in it :wink:
thats coool!
I found this on Yahoo Japan:

I'm assuming this is a view from the bottom...?

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you know, now that i look at the undertray again i got to thinking that if you have a body kit of some sort, then you would have to make something custom to serve this purpose if you wanted it to match up to your front bumper correctly. in order for the air flow to be smooth, the air should have to pass under the front bumper and onto the undertray in a straight smooth path.

Only if you're concerned with ground effects aerodynamics.
have make you a front splitter out of carbon. It goes all the way across the bottom.
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