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As it cools down and the roofs get closed, lots of cars will start noticing the most annoying MX5 issue - the (not again!) torn shift boot. Probably the right time for a long (ever) lasting shift boot for the MX5.

The Jass Performance Uprated Shift Boots already convinced with their proven superior functionality, the details listed in short:

- direct replacement to the OEM ones
- additional to OEM ones - additional thick heat and noise resistant insulation
- designed to last for as long as the car rolls, already tested for years on fast roads and track.
- fits on 5 and 6 speed gearboxes
- compatible with MK1, MK2 and MK2.5 models /NA, NB, NBFL/
- comes with stainless steel hardware

Jass Performance Shop Link

Price shipped to USA is 65$ (best price given the low British pound at the moment, subject to change).

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