using nearly full length higher rate springs w/ NB upper shock mounts for lowering

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Hi all - I am considering using higher rate, approximately full stock length springs (maybe up to 1/2" shorter) with NB upper shock mounts to lower the car around 1/2" while maintaing more travel. I don't know what springs would make this work still just investigating it.

Or...perhaps not using the NB mounts and getting some 1/2" spacers under some lowering eibach springs to help regain some travel from lowering.

I have AGX shocks.

Has anyone tried this or heard any of this being done? Anyone ever tried FatCatMotorsports modified NB upper shock mounts or their bump stops?

How does everybody deal with the lowering vs. lack of travel? I origianlly thought I could get by with stock springs but no longer feel that way. I want to lower and stiffen up.

Thanks for any comments
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have you peeped the new FM springs? the drop on those isnt aggressive, keep in mind the top mounts will drop you 1/2" as well
No I didn't see the new springs I will check them out, thanks.
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