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You're an idiot if you don't already own this.

For the last few days I've been vacillating on what to even say about this product. The above sentence has been a constant. Because you're an idiot if you don't already own this product. Unless you happen to live somewhere that has prohibited the actual Sun to shine upon you.

I have plowed my way through a lot of parts and most of them aren't worth a review. This product is worthy. As soon as I caressed the finely trimmed carpet I knew.

Time to whip it out and show it off.

This is not your father's tinfoil sun screen!

I trust [email protected] and I knew I needed a sun screen because my beloved Fievel spends entirely too much time in the sun whilst I'm away. I asked her which sun screen she recommended. I knew she wouldn't just say, "the most expensive one" without just cause. And I wasn't disappointed. She told me to get the most expensive one because it was worth the investment.

She was right.

This is simply the best investment you probably haven't made. For shame.


The perfectly groomed gray carpet matches my drapes perfectly. I'm in love. I wouldn't normally gush as such a simple thing but oh. dear. god. This is heaven.

Just look at it!

Moss's description does not do this thing justice. No where do they ever mention how tight a fit it is. They say its cut to fit. It is cut to perfection!

Tight. Perfection in a fold-up.

I could go on and on about how amazing this tight fitting sun screen is. Just ask Roseann. I made her come outside just to rub her fingers on the velvety backing.

Caress me

There is no reason to get into something and find yourself wet and soaked in your own fluids. I cannot recommend this product enough!

Get yours here -

Very, very satisfied customer!

Beggars can't be choosers.
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I'm an idiot.

That is the nicest sun shade I have ever seen.

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I have one too. It's A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

Mine is blue. Looks like it fits better than yours, but that's probably only because I've been working out.


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Mine is also made of stainless steel.

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I used to own one until the hot SoCal sun destroyed it. The threads fell apart and then it became a hot mess when you tried to fold it.

It's nice when it works, its an ugly mess when it doesn't...:smile1:

Currently I use one of those cheap circular, expandable fabric universal ones. It does the exact same job and is far more versatile.

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Stoly, can we get a difference report in interior temps with and without the UVS100® Custom Sunscreen installed?

This will ultimately make or break my decision to purchase this and replace my father's tinfoil sunscreen.
I have a digital thermometer on order. Will report back.

...Currently I use one of those cheap circular, expandable fabric universal ones. It does the exact same job and is far more versatile.
Versatility never factored into my decision. May I ask what other uses you have for your sun screen?

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May I ask what other uses you have for your sun screen?
Fly swatter
Sun tan reflector
seat warmer
seat cooler
water condensation catcher for those sudden deserted beach problems
cooking surface
roof for gerbil house
display stand for Transformers
track for epic 18 way Hot Wheel drag races
photo reflector
makeshift faraday cage
permanent faraday cage
laptop bag
postmodern wall decoration
wifi router signal enhancer
cutting surface (single use)

to name a few.

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... May I ask what other uses you have for your sun screen?
Well, you can use it to fan yourself or a close friend, you can tape it on top of your head for maximal protection (from the government and the sun!), and you can roll it down a hill.

All joking aside, the fold up sun screen is very expensive and not very durable. When I had it, I loved it. When it started tearing from the poor stitching, I wanted to burn it to hell! Its designed not to be serviceable. If you DD it in your car and open/close it everyday, you'll wear out the cheap and very thin threads. Its not something you should buy if your car is outside everyday in SoCal or any sunny state.

Its the sun screen is nice now, but how is it a year or two later? Don't throw $50 away just for aesthetics...invest in durability too!

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Hey everyone!

So I decided to use my father's tinfoil sunscreen as a control test for these ideas on how one can use a sunscreen in ways other than blocking out sunlight.

After Adam was kind enough to spark some creativity in this thread, I decided to attempt as many of these as I could in the time allowed.

I will attempt to truthfully and honestly give my most unbiased opinions on how well my father's tinfoil sunscreen works for each of these uses. After Stoly (or anyone else with a UVS100® Custom Sunscreen for that matter) shares their equivalent results, we shall announce which sunscreen is indeed the winner for "uses other than blocking out sunlight"!

Allrighty then! Lets get this sunscreen party started! :slayer:

This will be our fine specimen for use today. Only the finest yet well broken-in tinfoil sunscreen, courtesy of my father's automobile.

1. Placemat

Rating: 8/10
The sunscreen actually functioned quite well as a placemat. Only gripe that I had here was that the sunscreen was somewhat thick compared to a conventional placemat. This made for problematic dining if I needed to vigorously cut into an entree. The sunscreen "squished" down a bit more than I'd like, which made for difficult knife control.

2. Napkin

Rating: 5/10
Had some major difficulties using the sunscreen as a napkin. While the size made for a very extensive Length-Of-Use (or LOU as we like to call it in the industry), I found myself somewhat perturbed by the lack of absorbency of the tinfoil surface. The sunscreen was able to remove some contaminants from my face, yet it was not a pleasant experience.

3. Seat warmer

Rating: 9/10
Now we might just have a real, viable use for the sunscreen other than blocking out sunlight here! This was an absolutely fantastic idea from Adam, so major kudos to him! This might be something that you could feature in the Store soon! I found the sunscreen to be nicely cushioned when used in this manner, due to the foam interior of the product. The tinfoil outer layer helped to not only magnify, but direct the heat from the sun into my back while driving. Color me blown away!

Note: Cannot comment on performance as a seat warmer during seasons other than summer, or during the nighttime hours.

4. Seat cooler

Rating: 0/10
Yeah, it didn't work like that.

5. Pants

Rating: 3/10
I found that the sunscreen did one function of pants quite well; it did exist atop my skin. Beyond that, I do not believe that the sunscreen was ultimately effective in replacing the functionality of pants. I found that my maneuverability in the sunscreen was greatly inhibited to the somewhat stiff nature of the product, and that it did not seem as ergonomically formed to my legs as my actual pants were.

With some revisions, this might have a chance, though.

6. Hat

Rating: 6/10
I actually was quite surprised at the effectiveness that the sunscreen had at shielding my face (and even upper body!) from the harmful sun's rays! While I did relish in the maximum coverage that the sunscreen gave me, I did find it somewhat hard to manage the fine balancing act that was required to not only wear the sunscreen as a hat while stationary, but also wearing the sunscreen as a hat whilst walking around!

7. Cooking surface

Rating: 8/10
Here is another use for the sunscreen that I was definitely not expecting to work out as well as it did. I found that the sunscreen whilst perched atop the hood of my car (which I had just gotten done driving, so it was still hot) facilitated an impressive level of heat exchange with the pan that I placed on top.

32oz wagyu ribeye coming right up!

8. Blanket

Rating: 6/10
When attempting to use this sunscreen as a blanket, I immediately hearkened back to my good ol' Cub Scout days, using my space blanket in my tent in the middle of winter. This sunscreen functioned in a similar way, with similar effectiveness. You'll look pretty cool using it, but you'll still be pretty cold. Who knows, this might be the next cool trend!

9. Mattress

Rating: 6/10

When attempting to use this sunscreen as a mattress, I immediately hearkened back to my good ol' Cub Scout days, using my egg-crate sleeping pad in my tent in the middle of winter. This sunscreen functioned in a similar way, with similar effectiveness. You'll look pretty cool using it, but you'll still be pretty uncomfortable. Who knows, this might be the next cool trend!

10. Photo reflector

Rating: 9/10
This use of the sunscreen was surprisingly effective. I tried to find as many light sources on hand to see just how much light this thing could reflect. Gotta say, I'm impressed here.

It nearly gave me a burn from the amount of heat coming off of it.
And that's saying a lot, when the sunscreen used as a seat warmer couldn't do the same thing.

11. Makeshift faraday cage

Rating: 10/10
Couldn't fully test this. I'm sure it works fine though. How can one find fault in a design like this?!

12. Permanent faraday cage

Rating: 9/10
Removed one point due to the sheer fact that wearing this thing forever (that's what permanent means, right?) would kind of be awful. Otherwise, flawless execution. Can't think of a better way to handle this use.

13. Laptop bag

Rating: 3/10
While the sunscreen did, in fact surround my laptop, it only did so around the top and bottom. When subjecting this to a waterproofing test, I found that statistically significant amounts of water were able to come in on the sides of the sunscreen, possibly damaging the laptop within. I haven't turned it on yet to see if anything is broken. Probably not though. Either way, if you're in the market for a laptop bag, I may search elsewhere.

14. Postmodern wall decoration

Rating: ?/10
Something, something, something in the eye of the beholder.

15. Shoes

Rating: 2/10
I found that the sunscreen was largely ineffective in its use as shoes. I found that the sunscreen did actually provide a solid barrier between my feet and the ground, but upon trying to walk forward or backward, well, the sunscreen didn't come along with me! Surprised to say the least. Really expected more on this one.

16. Cutting surface (single use)

Rating: 11/10
Perfection in every way possible.

This is it, ladies and gents. We have found a winner.

The sunscreen absorbed the overall pressure that I exerted on it while cutting through the piece of cardboard with the knife. The way the tinfoil reflected any and all light sources upon the item being cut was...dare I say, magical?

Why I haven't been using my father's tinfoil sunscreen as a cutting surface until now, I will never know. This was sheer ecstasy in every way possible. I have subsequently rid my abode of any previous cutting surfaces, permanent and single-use alike.

I'd really like to see the UVS100® Custom Sunscreen hold a candle to this baby.

Betcha it can't.

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I've had one of these in my MS3 (Mazdaspeed3, not Megasquirt 3...) for 5 years. It's been absolutely worth the investment for me. I live in a city where the ambient temps are over 100 degrees pretty much every day from late May through late September (it's been over 115 this entire week). I've had the $8 foil-front/foam-back shades from Walmart before, and this type of sustained heat completely disintegrates the foam to the point that it ends up all over your car after 1 season. These UVS shades cost more up-front, but they definitely last longer than the cheap shades if you live somewhere hot enough to bake cookies on your dashboard, and the fit to your windshield perimeter is custom instead of a rolled up rectangle. Live with the Walmart stuff if you live where you don't see 100 degree days more than twice a year, but the UVS shade is worth the cost if you live somewhere with a long summer season of sustained 100+ degree days.
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