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I rewrote everything with working pictures and stuff. so good to go.
IF YOU NEED MORE, MESSAGE ME. I will have my dad take some of what you need

So here is the plan.
1. Strip miata
2. install exocet chassis
3. go fast
Basically this is a direct replacement for thet miata body, onto all the running gear. You can see more info at the website HERE[/URL]. It drops a third of the weight, with minimal fabrication making it one hell of a gocart. Couple that with my 300hp from the built(ish) 302 and it is a fucking trip. It isnt the norm build here, but still can be of entertainment for you guys. This whole build will take place over the next two-2.5 weeks. I am going to pick up the chassis Saturday, bring it back and do some modifications
the plans are for this weekend/monday:
modify the firewall to accept the larger bellhousing of the 302, and for ease of install, removal.
Fab up the floor pans; Normally they are riveted on aluminum, but i am using 16ga steel, and welding to the frame itself for rigidity and strength.
Weld in mounts for switch panel, get fuel lines, and buy some brake line
Next thursday i take the trip up to south carolina to do the actual build (i am in florida right now) saturday ill start the stripping of my miata (some of it is sold already, hopefuilly most of hte extra parts will be by that week) and plan to have the shell ready to be removed sunday afternoon and progress from there. Plan is to be totally done by the following weekend and get the roll cage built to tie into the frame itself instead of how the race version is bolted to parts.
anyways, less talking, more pictures.
Miata as it sits:

Miata front.jpg by Flsimages, on Flickr

miatafrontside.jpg by Flsimages, on Flickr

miata top down.jpg by Flsimages, on Flickr

IMG_1880.jpg by Flsimages, on Flickr
Then the conversion you see here:
(from a shoot i did last weekend)

IMG_2413 by Flsimages, on Flickr

IMG_2378 by Flsimages, on Flickr

IMG_2374 by Flsimages, on Flickr

IMG_2370 by Flsimages, on Flickr

IMG_2369 by Flsimages, on Flickr

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You car will have the same style roll hoop as Kevin's car right? I hate that curvy M shaped bar they build for them .

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Yeah, that is what he has :)
he loves em

Why don't you just sell your car as is and find another roller and motor to use for the exocet?
becuase what i have invested in this car, it isnt worth it to sell it. calculate in the massive loss (around 10k) id take in selling it, it is worth it just to reuse everything....since it does, and just put a chassis on it. all im not using is the body kit, roll cage, and **** like that.

all the supsension, engine, drivetrain, gauges, wiring, etc etc are all being reused
You car will have the same style roll hoop as Kevin's car right? I hate that curvy M shaped bar they build for them .
i will have that one for a little bit.
end result is a modified version of his (i dont like how the optional stuff mounts.) with a platform built above the rear shock stays to weld the roll bar rear downtubes to, the main hoop will look about the same, and i will do forward bars mounted to the actual side frames, and a top front bar, and a top cross bar

from the side like this:

IMG_2369 by Flsimages, on Flickr
with the rear downtubes about 3 inches lower htan they are there

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Those Forzas appear to be in vinyl, how's the feel of the material? Does it feel fairly durable? And I assume they're comfortable as well?

I've been thinking about getting some Forzas and can't decide on the cover material.
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