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I picked up this NB almost 12 months ago and life got in the way of finishing it. Now I just days away from it being on the road. I don't have any pictures but it's completely stock.

It's got the factory aero, lip, fogs, brown leather (driver seat has wear), cold a/c, bose cd, nardi, aluminum hood, 120,000 miles, no cel's just SRS (airbags deployed) and will come with NA wheels with race slicks (from my previous NA). It shifts smooth, rides smooth and drives straight. There is no undercarriage damage and nothing is bent. It looks like it just ducked under a truck bumper.

Has 2001 lights installed. The bad is i kept with the original bumper that i think could be touched up. Has factory fogs and lip. Comes with extra non fog front bumper, rear bumper, trunk and driver door all in the matching black.

I originally purchased this for around $2750 from insurance auction and since have purchased a used aluminum hood, windshield, 2001 headlights, fender (i think is non OEM cuz of gap), upper radiator support to restore it. Right now getting close to what i pay is fine or losing some dollars is fine too.

I would like to purchase one of the roadsters on here or MT so this has to go for that to happen.

What could i get for it?
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