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Well i have had this car for about two years never really started a build thread but i might as well seeing that mostly everyone on clubroadster has one.
this was my first miata, 97, intake, wheels ,rollbar.

i sold it ,then i got my second miata
93 Red all stock was overheating when i bought it,
fixed it the same day it was the fan switch.
this is my second and current miata

this is how it started out

paint was chipping on the front bumper so i sanded it down and painted it black
also put on some jdm racelands.


added strut bar and silicone hoses, afm adapter and filter, ngk plug wires and plugs

changed clutch and master cylinder and slave cylinder

painted my wheels and changed my brakes

not long after that i got hit by a woman... she claims my car was too low and she didn't see me

then i had to roll like this for a while jdm tyte yo

needed to change the interior first a smaller steering wheel

then i modified the center console my elbow kept hitting

painted valve cover and tried to fix old bumper, also got an oem style carbon fiber hood

then i sanded down the drivers side fender paint was chipping so i primered it black
also got a roll bar,deep dish steering wheel ,smaeda's awesome sticker, fog lights and new wheels.
and a pitbull security system

short ram,headers

painted a ww2 warplane style shark on the fender :fab:

so i got my windows broken and my car keyed i wanted
to primer my whole car black and go for like a jdm rat rod look
found some awesome artwork on clubroadster and i edited it to see what
i wanted my car to look like

i liked it so i ordered some jdm mirrors from mustangs unlimited :p

this is what it looks like at the moment.

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I love the rendering, not overly keen on the mirrors, to much bullet.

That avatar is distractingly awesome, post her name if you have it.

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93 LES were black with red leather interior weren't they?

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^perhaps lol...
her name is zita vass, knew her in high school . just found out that was her lol


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bought a long nose 1.6,did an engine rebuild about 5 months ago
which i installed a week ago...
so far so good.

ported and polished the head


ordered new valves because of this

painted one of my valve covers
was gonna use it but decided not to, haven't picked what color to do my valve cover

install pictures coming soon

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thanks man, and soon my friend, i need to finish it up first. hopefully by the end of January
speaking of which today i woke up to the sound of rain, then realized my rear window has holes and ran to my car and put a bag over the window. so today i fixed my rear window for less than $15
you can too this will be a walk through will also post in the DIY section
how to change your rear plastic window when it is cracked and looks like S*&t
went to the fabric store, bought a yard of clear vinyl for $5 then went to walmart and bought
some loctite super glue for $6.50
does your window look like this?

use a razor blade and a clipper to cut the window out

then trace a line around your new clear vinyl around the same size as the window opening

get your glue ready and apply it to whatever side you are placing your new vinyl window,
i did it on the back, or the inside of the car.

glue it in small parts and do this all the way around and hold both sides together for at least a minute
then place something heavy to keep them under pressure. let it sit for as long as you can i left it sitting
for like 3 hours.

looks like new!!!

also my new jdm bottle holder

Accepting donations.
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She has a nude scene in children of the corn. Score!

Oh yea, nice car yada yada. :lol:
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