vegas mazda meet

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here are pics from the city of las vegas

btw the turbed nsx from the latest sport compact car mag showed up. all i can say... its looks like it can eat up some ferrari's

*not my photos but another member from local rx-7 club.*
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I think I read about that on VegasMazdas... I wanted to go but had some work obligations... which might have been drinking with people at work.

I woulda brought one of mine otherwise. You needed some Protege or Miata action in there. =D>

That green RX is sweet.
the green rx-7 was straight import from japan. right hand drive and everything.
Oh... there are some Miatas. I could get all the pictures to load before.

How does the guy with the 2nd gen RX get away with having a Japanese plate?

When's the next meet? Was this event posted on Vegas Mazdas site?
all i know is that they have a monthly meet @ in&out on sahara.
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