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Paul Lucas and Eric Hazen of Velox Motorsports have developed a very beautiful piece for the ND Miatas. The Velox Motorsports rear diffuser for the ND Miata reduces lift and drag, and improves the cosmetics of the vehicle. Velox Motorsports uses CFD (computational fluid dynamics), they were able to improve the performance of the diffuser while keeping it in a specific build volume for daily and track. The diffuser can be adjusted vertically to fit multiple aftermarket exhausts. Produced from aluminum and powdercoated, the unit can take quite a beating and retain its functionality and shape.

  • Constructed from 5052 aluminum
  • Durable matte black powdercoat
  • Stainless hardware
  • All brackets included for full install
  • Organic shape flows well with the car
  • Flat-head riveted strakes allow flow to be completely unimpeded
  • Simple bolt on, no cutting required
Price is $529.95 + shipping.

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