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JIS Screwdrivers at the revlimiter Store

After a long hiatus, the JIS (Japanese Industry Standard) screwdrivers from Vessel are back in stock! All set options are available and are even a bit cheaper than before due to a better discount from Vessel.

Q: What are JIS screwdrivers and why do I want them?
A: Here’s the cliff notes: JIS is very similar to Phillips. Some folks call it a “Japanese Phillips” due to the similarities. It basically comes down to how each driver acts when too much force is applied. The Phillips is designed to cam out, but the JIS is designed to keep applying force and keep hold of the screw head. There are other differences, but that is the one that really matters.

Q: What's "cam-out"?
A: You know when you turn a driver too hard and it rotates out of the screw and strips the screw head? That's cam-out. A JIS driver is designed not to do that. And it's designed to properly work with items made in Japan with JIS screws - Miatas, cameras, printers and electronics, motorcycles, etc.

The JIS makes full contact with a Japanese screw and actually grips it rather than just sitting inside. This means you don't have to press incredibly hard to maintain contact and get a screw tight.

Get yours at while they're in stock.
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