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So I picked her up July 30th 2011.

This was taken the day I got her on the way home.

Her now

Brand new soft top, four mismatched winter tires, major camber wear and a busted speedometer cable made for an interesting trip home. I didn't drive, since it was my first stick car and didn't want to chance anything. So my friend drive and we went home from CT.

So far I've done quite a few things with the car.

  • Replaced gauge cluster hood
  • Replaced side view mirrors with stockers
  • Rebuilt shifter
  • Replaced lower ball joints
  • Replaced rotors, calipers, pads
  • Replaced shift boot
  • Replaced center console
  • Replaced gas tank release cable
  • Replaced battery with a Miata battery
  • Replace clutch master cylinder
  • Replace clutch slave cylinder
  • SS clutch line
  • Thermotstat
  • Coolant temp sensor
  • Cooling fan relay
  • Washer fluid delete
  • Charcoal canister delete
  • -
  • Deleted '90 1.6 motor 223,xxx miles
  • '99 1.8 swap 98,xxx miles
  • '99 1.8 trans
  • New clutch
  • New shifter
  • Replaced alternator with '97 1.8 10/20/2012
  • Replaced alternator belt 10/20/2012

  • Corksport "Drift" exhaust
  • Dapper Lighting Projector HID Kit
  • Redesigned Center Console :: 90-97
  • Black Hardtop with headliner and rear defrost
  • Hardtop brackets
  • Interior LED strips
  • Rear view mirror with 360º LEDs
  • Broadway Type A Rear View Mirror 360mm (14 1/5 inch) Convex
  • Blox 450g shift knob / Stock shift knob
  • Sony MEX-BT2800 In-Dash CD Receiver MP3/WMA Player with Bluetooth
  • Hard Dog rollbar - Believe it's a Side Braced Ace
  • FM V-Maxx coil overs

  • Konig Helium Ultralight 15x6.5 +40 offset

  • Yokohama ADVAN Neova AD08 205/50/15

To Do

  • Blow up car.

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Thanks man. I honestly don't even know what's next on the list. I was basically replacing stuff, and if I could swing it, I'd upgrade it.
I have to do upper control arms and a few other bushings like endlinks and whatnot. But hopefully the maintenance will be done for the time being.

Might be focusing on bracing next, but I honestly don't know if I should be spending the money and or if it'll be worth it. Aside from that, I may wrap the car, because I've got crazy dents, dings and paint issues. Maybe even rust :(

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So this is a late update, but with the help of Cuban Tony we got the master cylinder and the slave cylinder done for the clutch, did the stainless steel line.

In addition to that, had to replace the alternator, I had to change out the negative battery terminal wire because it snapped in the trunk and I just finished up cleaning up the car a bit.

Now I have a terrible timing tick, thinking about doing a tuck for the engine bay and have to check the tail lights because they're letting water into the trunk.

Aside from that, going to finish up the foot well lighting sometime soon and that seems to be about it.

I have to replace the rotors and brakes again because the rotors I have are already scored pretty badly and have a lip. The pads are alright, but they're hawk blues so they're noisy as **** and leave a lot of dust everywhere.


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