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Place order online for (4) Toyo T1-R tires.

Heard there is a nationwide back order on T1-Rs.

Called Online Tires to check if they have them in stock

This is where the trouble begins!

I talk to Raul and ask him if he can tell me if they have them in stock and when they will ship them out. He tells me the guy who processes the internet orders is not there and he can't access the system. Okaaaay? :?

He then tells me he wants to cancel my online order and process a new one. :?: Concerned, I ask him several times if I will be double-charged. He assures me that it won't happen. He has noted the cancelation of the online order and I will not be charged twice. Reluctantly I agree.

He then confirms after a long wait on hold that indeed they had six tires in stock so four would be shipped out that day. (Friday)


Tuesday I call to get a tracking number as I did not receive one as requested. I talked to Jonathan who tells me he can not give me the tracking number as the guy that handles that is not in yet. OK. When is he supposed to arrive? He says he's supposed to be there already. #-o

OK. Will someone please call me when he arrives and give me the tracking number. Meanwhile, my wife calls to tell me we've been charged twice. . I call and get Jonathan again and ask to speak to Raul. He's busy on the other line but he will call me back.

Two hours later, my patience wearing thin I call and get Jonathan again. I ask to speak to a manager. Evidently, Jonathan is the manager. I explain how I still haven't received a tracking number, they charged me twice which put my account into a negative balance and there may be bank fees involved now.

He said he would refund it which he told me two hours ago and finally gave me my tracking numbers. They were shipped on Monday instead of the promissed Friday.

Concerned about the bank fees, I asked what they will do about it and he said he can't do anything. Okaaaay.. I asked who his manager was. He said the CEO. I asked for the CEO's name and phone number and he refused to give it to me! I then asked him if he really want's to refuse this because once I contact the CEO, he may not appreciate it. He then offers up a VP's name and phone number. I call and leave a message for the VP.


Refunded charges received.


Two days and no response from VP. I just called again today and again, got VM.

I received the tires today and one of them has gouges in the side wall and is not road worthy. :x I call back and get Raul. I explain the situation. He says since I've been through so much, (understatement) he will ship out a tire tomorrow. I then had to drive to a FedEx location to ship back the bad tire thankfully at Online Tires expense.

Now I will be waiting until next Wednesday at the earliest to receive it. Nearly two weeks after my initial order. :|

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Sorry to hear about your experience. Items do sometimes get damaged in shipping so it's hard to blame for that but I agree it does make a bad situation worse for you. Experiences like what you describe are just one reason why many prefer to shop locally for tires. I've done both mail order (Edge Racing) and local (Radial Tire - supposed to be "the best" and caters to SCCA crowd). The local place was more convenient and ended up being a few bucks cheaper when all was mounted & balanced but they chipped my rim in the process which was dissapointing. Lesson #1: never pay for any online or mail order purchases with your debit card, especially if your balance is low. This is what credit cards are for.

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Black Roadster:

What size tire had you ordered? And is that size back-ordered by them or Toyo?
I ordered 195/50/15. I have no idea what specific tires are back ordered if any. I just heard a rumor to that effect.

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Glad I found this...I ordered a set of Falken tires (225/35/17 FK-452) online after I tried to order over the phone . I had been on hold and then forwarded to voice-mail to leave a message...twice in a row so I made the mistake of ordering it thru their website.

The order went thru quickly and my debit/credit card was charged immediatly for the full amount. Two days later, I was notified that the tires were on back order for two weeks. Fine - I'd like to cancel the order so that I can look elsewhere.

Cannot get thru again as the hold time eventually kicks over to voicemail (try it). I leave a message to give me a call as I wanted to cancel the order. Cancelled my order thru email too. No reply from that method either.

The following day I get a hold of person on the other end and get the order cancelled. "Done" he says.

Two days later, no reverse charge back to my card. Another whole day calling and getting kicked over to voice mail just to ask when I'll see the charge reversed.

Another day spent calling over and over, email asking for my money back and I finally get a hold of a woman. "Three business days" to get my charge reversed. Only had been two so I left it at that.

Email was received yesterday:

" Credit Confirmation - Order #200609157981

This email is to let you know that your credit was issued from

Credit will be posted to your bank within three business days

(Please note that it can take your bank up to 10 business days to post the funds on your bank statement.)

Thank you for shopping at!
We look forward to serving all of your future tire needs!

Waiting for my credit...

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More fun!!!


So last Thursday I shipped the damaged tire back to them Raul said the would ship the new tire out the next day (Friday). I asked him to call me with the tracking number which he agreed to do. Did he? Nope.


Called to get a tracking number. First time I got a message that said the mailbox was full. I waited a hour or two and called back. I got Raul again and asked for the tracking number. He hemmed and hawed and put me on hold. He came back on, mumbling and aparantly searching for the tracking number. I asked him if he wanted to find it and call me back. He said he would.

An hour later, still no call. Called back and got full mailbox message again. Called again and they answered. Raul again. I asked him what the deal was. He said he can't give me the tracking number until it is generated and it would ship out at the end of the day.

I was livid at this point as he specifically told me it would ship last Friday. I told him I expect them to ship it either overnight or two-day so I will get it by Wednesday as was expected if he had shipped it last Friday. He refused. I asked to speak to the manager. I was put on hold again and then asked who I was holding for. "A manager", I replied. Put on hold again.

Finally got Jonathan again. Explained the situation to him, how after all I'd been through, I'd received a damaged tire which I shipped back and was promised the new one would ship Friday and it hadn't nor had I received a call back with the tracking number. I told him I expected at least two-day shipping on the new tire. He told me the tire actually had shipped and miraculously he had a tracking number. It turned out to be an invalid tracking number.

I told him I still expected a tire by Wednesday. He started up his excuses again which I replied with this. Either they ship me out a tire today, two day for a Wednesday delivery or I will ship their tires back to them ( I had their FedEx account # from the damaged tire) and dispute the charges on my credit card. This finally got their attention and he agreed to shipping a tire out 2-day for a Wednesday delivery.

This is the LAST time I ever order from these incompetent goons.

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hmm. I think someone posted on with a not too pleasant experience from this site.

Oh, haha, it was you #-o
Yep. As they say, if you give a customer a bad experience, it will get around. #-o

I'd love to think my situation was an isolated incident but I'd guess that I'm not the only one to have issues with their customer service skills or lack there of.
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