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Read more to understand what you shall become!!! :twisted:

Welcome Newbie, we are an amalgam of humanoids of many different races that have enhanced our Roadsters with JDM implants, giving them improved power, handling, and physical abilities. The Roadsters here function as automata; the minds of all Roadster drones are connected via internet and Printed Books to a hive, a collective mind (The Road&Ster Collective), orchestrated by the JDM Roadsters and controlled from a central hub,, furthermore...... we only seek to "improve the quality of life for all Roadsters" by integrating JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) parts, and studying ROAD&STER books (our Holy grail) filled with components for our quest for perfection. To this end, we shall travel the Earth, increasing our numbers and advancing our cars, and yours by "assimilating" other owners and their technologies, and subjugating captured individuals by subjecting them to heavy doses Road&Ster, Hyper-REV, Best-Motoring DVDs, and sending subliminal messages which secretly implant JDM-nanoprobes, quickly changing your Roadsters Interior and Exterior to the Road&Ster standard. :twisted:

Welcome to
...... Resistance IS futile!

Your State-Side Road&Ster pusher....... :twisted:

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Alright, Phatty...where did you copy this message from and change references to fit our forum?
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