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Well been browsing and posting a little bit here and decided i got a few pics i thought id throw up here and let people see her... I have had the car for about 3 years or so and it's the first neverending project so far... I got into the whole thing wanting RWD and something as light as possible so here we are!!! The project has always been to get best power to weight as possible and show the big guys we can hang.. So far ive accomplished everything I've wanted to and still have a few goddies to go just to make things super complete...

completely gutted/metal removed
no ac/ps nothing basically ecu dash pad and seats.. full 10pt with rear x brace
momo start seats/ willians 3" 6 pts
all autometer gauges (tach/oil/water temps/egt/boost/oil/fuel pressure
aem uego wideband

pretty stockish looking minus the giveaways
front oem lip
some cutting mods like the hood/bumpers
basically it. with a hardtop the cage would be more hidden but who wants that :roll:

stock trans
rx7 clutch type diff 4.10's
act extreme clutch/pp indigo alum flywheel
ms motor/diff mounts

tein flex
rb sways/endlinks
sportmax 002 15x8
1.8 calipers/stock rotors and good axxis pads/stainless lines

Power stuff: :evil:
1.8 motor built by stoid(eagle rods/arias pistons 84mm
head done by stoid/big valves solid lifters ported polished/fidanza adj cam gears
garret gt3076r .63 hotside
tial 38mm gate
greddy type s bov hidden
flipside customs ramhorn manifold
huge fmic 24x12x3.5 precision core You can see in a few pics in the cutout
2.5" ic piping/ 3" turbo back magnaflow muff
link ecu/780 inj/ walbro 255hp/ vishnu rail
custom radiator /flexalite dual fans/coolant reroute

Now a few pics.....


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Hood flex isn't really to bad with the pins. Id say it sorta bounces a bit or hovers but nothing really concerning. You can tell by what speed you are going though on how it sorta floats. If i just put a hand on it with any pressure though(like taking wax off) it will dimple and flex in.. Bought a really cheap carbon hood from a buddy too.. Don't know if i want to cut into that or use just as the show hood(this chopped one for some reason make the car look evil i think.. I am thinking of doing some sort of cool looking cutout/vent just over the manifold to release some heat.

Thanks a bunch guys for the props. Not the reason ive done what i did but i wanted a hardcore car that demanded respect by people who thought the miata was just a hair dressers car.. I think with the mod's ive done, it does so :D Got asked today if the car was a mr2 buy some guy and his gf :roll: ????

Youll see the rad is mounted underneath the cross cover bar there. So is the ic as you see.. Where the so called frame rails come up to the front and has the support member there everything has been chopped.. The fans and such all sit flush and underneath the cover bar there.. Something i wanted from day 1..

A few things that will be changed for a more clean approach that sorta got done without too much thought since i needed the car done was the coolant return into the motor/intake/ic piping route. This will be taken care of and mounted more clean and hidden soon. The intake itself im thinking will be mounted either where the headlight is or down under and in the backside of the bumper. The wiring harness has been totally gone through. I currently have about 12 wires total throughout!! So after the weekend the pass side fuse panel and wiring on that side will no longer be there, inside the cabin!! The overflow will also be gone for a hidden setup which i havent figured yet but that whole side will be clean like the other.

Things to be done:
Fuel cell in the trunk/remove stock tank
Have purchased, waiting on shipment of marc kulaks full t2 swap(will be making adapter plates for those who need) Once this arrives the engine will need to be pulled and everything under the hood will be coated(mani/dp/turbo housing in hpc black, the ic pipes,valve cover,intake mani and any other bits will also be coated in silver/black depending on what it is but will give alot better appearance.)
interior/cage will be all finished in either truck bedliner for durability or something else.. idea's?????
Have the flares from the recent GB but almost like the stock body as is.. Opinions?
Swapping to AEM for the uber powers and to run 10's which at the time will include new 3" ic piping/70mm TB and the edelbrock custom IM like minimonster.

Think thats about it... My aim is dansgotcrabs if any of you wanna chat about whatever...


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Youll see the rad is mounted underneath the cross cover bar there. So is the ic as you see.. Where the so called frame rails come up to the front and has the support member there everything has been chopped.. The fans and such all sit flush and underneath the cover bar there.. Something i wanted from day 1..
I like this! Any more shots and details on what had to be done to make it fit? =D>

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That is some very nice fabrication. I love the DIY Anhelo style vented front bumper cover. Your car looks the business. I wish I had 2 Miatas so I could do one all retro and comfortable show/cruiser and the other like yours.

interior/cage will be all finished in either truck bedliner for durability or something else.. idea's?????
I had Rhinoliner sprayed on my stripped interior after having the NB bulkhead gussets and T2 tranny brackets under the tunnel welded in. I can post pics, but there's not much to see.

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I'll work on getting some more pics.. Next time the bumper is off and such.. Basically where the frame rails come up and the normal rad brackets attach the the inside there of the frame rail everything forward of that is gone. The rails up front are just capped off with a plate and welded. The rad and ic are snug between the rails. About the same exact size as well.

Definately not daily anymore... Never really was. I recently got a $2500 deal on a 95 M ed. Came with HT and the wheels/torsen.. So been driving that and slowly cleaning it up with a few tasteful mods will be a clean daily. Not saying I wouldnt daily my car cuz my job entails phone calls from home so it's really not a big deal and I don't mind the extra 10 seconds to get in/out everytime. But when its 110 outside changes my mind :shock: But when driving the sense of pride and knowing what it looks like going down the street makes me more open to a little sweat.

The car was 1760 back in the day of being n/a and without any rollbar stuff.. Im guessing and will run to the scales this week but somewhere close to 1950ish.. I wanted 2200 wet w/ me in it.. Prolly pretty close. It looks a little sparse but really I've wanted to try for a magazine and the title of "Nothing But Business". :twisted:

Bill i'd love to see the rhino job.. This was my first idea of what to do.. Wanted everything sprayed black. Id be curious as to your opinions on it and if you'd maybe change anything or do it differently? Ive thought of this or just spraying everything black except the cage and doing it like a really sick silver like the awr cages.. Gold would be sorta cool too but don't know if i'd actually do it. The durability though has me interested and could almost just wash the interior out :shock:

Another thing im toying with is dropping the oem dash and doing a clean bent alum sheet and a new angled center unit to make the driver more surrounded.. More supra ish. This is something im a little torn on if i should or not.. Guess we'll see...

Thanks guys for the props... Just fyi I haven't mentioned any power numbers since dynoing a base run of [email protected] This was also with just defauly timing values of the link which are really really conservative. I think i've added about 5 degrees all over and about 7ish in the midrange... Big jump here in the butt dyno. This turbo obviously isnt even into it's range yet but currently running about 13psi. Have a few degrees of timing i can go since ive still never registered a knock. Waiting on a boost controller to up things a bit(20psi) and redyno.. As it sits feels about 275whp right now.. With this light of car.. She scoots :lol: I'll be going to the drag wed to test things out.. Hoping for 12'[email protected] on street tires you see.. 205 baby!!!
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