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Is anyone in or around the Shenandoah area interested in starting up tech days? If so i need to get a list started of people who want to come.

What im offering is access to tools, space, and a lift. Depending on what everyone needs to accomplish dictates lift access and the order in which it will be done. Other than the lift we have 2 more bays open to use. If multiple people are using tools someone will need to bring extras marked with the owners name. People with big projects such as turbo instals, engine swaps, ect will have to schedule with me on a different day to have extra time for any hic-ups in the install.

So for those that are seriously interested let me know either through PM or thread reply. If this goes well enough without any problems for example stolen tools, stolen parts, break ins after the tech day, ect then i will consider doing it regularly.

Everyone deserves to work on their cars, and get their hands dirty.
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