What color to paint my miata??? Need Suggestions

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Hey guys,
My bumble bee fmII NA is going in for a repaint, and I was wondering what color would be best? The car is originally white. I like the white but I also think it is a bit boring. I've been looking, and black miatas look great but you lose some of the body lines, and they generally look smaller.

So if you guys had a choice what color would you paint yours?
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Aston-Martin has some really nice shades of silver/gray/green that I always thought would look lovely on a Miata like Snow Shadow Grey, Tungsten Silver, Silver Birch, Cumberland Grey, Solway Grey, etc. Also, the new Saab 9-2x comes in a striking gray/gold color called desert silver metallic that looks fantastic in person.

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My "go to" color is BRG, but here's some ideas:

-BMW's medium blue
-Navy blue w/safety yellow stripes
-Cobalt blue aka "intellectual blue"--That shade of blue that looks either blue or purple.
-Charcoal grey
-BMW's medium blue
You mean the almost teal looking blue? that color would look excellent on a miata.
heres a bad pic.

I also really like phoenix yellow metallic but not too sure if it would go on the miata.

someone on here with a white miata painted his hardtop this color
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'67 Mustang Frost Turquoise Blue FTW!!!!!1!
Barbie pink.

Well, that's what I want, but i think it would look sexy on a miata.
Barbie pink.

Well, that's what I want, but i think it would look sexy on a miata.
Here ya go Samantha:

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Samantha, there was a lady at the gap for the last few years that has a pink miata. I can't remember her name but you can go back through some of the recent gap year photos and see pics of what it would look like. I wish I could help more but I am "photo challenged" when it comes to posting photos. Maybe Phinz or some of the others can post a pic for you to see.

Wraith Interceptor Charcoal Grey

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Honda Championship White. (I.E, Type-r white)

Love the faint vanilla hue.

Hopefully by the end of the year.
that 97ish E36 M3 dark purple-black metallic... whatever it was called. Cosmos Black Metallic
Wraith Interceptor Charcoal Grey

Ooops.... Hit the "report" button... Maybe we need a "are you really sure you wanna report this post" pop-up...

Anyway, nice Chrysler reference, Pete. =D>
How about keeping it white and changing the interior to either tan or red?
A little more involved, but avoids the ugliness of say, a red car with white door jams/inside of trunk/under hood, you get the picture...
The red would be a real head turner, as they did not have that as a factory option here in the states.
mazda works's a blue that kinda looks like mariner blue but it has more greenish in it. Oh and with a black hardtop and black a pillar.

Oh or that olive green on z4 roadsters
Thanks everyone for the input on colors. The color that stood out was the olive green from the BMW z3 coupe. I will try to find it. If anyone knows please let me know.
Another color recommended by my painter is PPG Super white....
I'll update you w/ pics. Car will be done on Monday.
Thanks again
Honda Championship White. (I.E, Type-r white)
+1. Super clean looking.
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