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Supposely I didn't like miata that much. Don't get offended. My dad loves miata for a long time, finally he decided to get it. He got this baby about 4 month ago. 140k with pretty good paint job for 2k. Started cleaning up on the first day. My impression was :eek: zomg so much rattle in this small car.

it had a funny hood

Cool Dohc

my cat

quality tires

Soon i took it to my shop to do most of the basic maintainence that hasn't been done in years. Lof, transmission oil, spark plug+ wires, etc

soon i dropped those in


some air filter.. should have gotten rb ones dam it

also got this...

ops over sized tires & some rally flaps
someone said the miata looks like a monster truck, and it really hurt me.
by this time, i started seeing the potential for this lil beast. driving on hills is so much fun! :)

dropped some sway bar in

along with some goodies

love the FM brace made the car feel like one piece. LOVE IT :claugh:

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what a pain in the ass to install.

added a oem lip with trackdog racing splitter, look awesome :D

beautiful shot of the subframe

now the car looks something like this

oooo amazing piece of art

:slayer: yaaaaaa KW

butter corn

because i was embarrassed of my oversized tires, i swapped it to 195 50 15 yoko s drive such a good set.

after the car has been settled on the butter corn
gave it a good shower

nothing fancy


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then i got some no **** momo

some kgs spoiler

some O2 because mine was running at 22 mpg avrg... jesus :fp:

now this is cool, got it from DIYroadster door bar, a guy named Narek. He is too awesome. Gave me a great price and very detailed instruction on how to install them. Too bad I can't put those on until i get a HD roll bar. :fp:

oh geeez

happy shifting! :mrgreen:

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Holy crap!!! Welcome!! Nice car I always wanted a white NA. All the upgrades look great.
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