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What do you guys think of my new paint job?

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$900 paint job, silver w/ metallic flake. The only pics I could get are at night, under a crappy light... but you get the idea.

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bass boat baby!!!! i like, more day light pics
Awesome paint, but I prefer rattle can paint jobs.
looks awesome! Day pics!
looks pretty good, but +1 for day shots
if you look closely you can actually see paris hilton in a few of those pics! :mrgreen: hehe! anyways gratz on paint job lets see that sparkle in the sun though next! =D>
miistah sparklleee

night shots look good, now get some day ones!
So here are daytime pics, I didn't get any closeups because the river looked so good I needed to get it in the shots! Its real dusty too, so if the paint looks smudge its just the dust from me trying to wipe it.

DID SOMEONE SAY BASS BOAT??? (look closely!)

See the fishing rod? hahaha

Anyone wanna make a coat?!

Proof the miata is holy. hahaha

Not chips, just dirt.
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^what exactly is that?? (the coat picture)
Just a skinned deer. hahahah err the skin of a skinned deer...
looks good, ive always liked silver mx5's
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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