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sweet! i've been thinking about picking one of those up (i only have the driver's mirror; i deleted the pass mirror). i know quite a few brit car guys, so i'm sure it wouldn't be hard to find.

post some pics once they're installed!

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I've been thinking of putting some polished mirrors on my 92. I just bought these...what do you guys think?

They may be off a 1977 MGB, but they are not OEM. I don't want to make new holes in the door, but I'm sure I can fab something up. :)
you could get the same as new ones, i had them on my last car b4 the baby-smurf ;)

it was an opel commodore a/gs-coupe, let me look (pics), heres one:

those were mounted at the cars from opel/gm from 1965 til 1973, but you can get these still at oem-parts

perhaps i find a dealer, who ship to you
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