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Lets see what you gotz? Ive seen some nice RS*R, Kakimoto, and HKS systems etc on Miatas, what are yall running?

Nothing fancy on mine, just a standard 2.25" JR for now. :?

PhatMiata 8)

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Junior wore 6 exhausts in the first year under my ownership:

1.) OEM exhaust #1 - original unit
2.) FM Duals
3.) OEM exhaust #2 - had to toss out the original stocker; got this one as part of the sale of the duals
4.) OEM exhaust #3 - replaced OEM #2 after the post-cat flange cracked, making Junior sound like a Spec Miata
5.) Magnaflow Full Stainless Catback - LOUD!!!!!! Especially with a big honkin' 4" tip, I hated it

Junior currently wears:
6.) Bosal stainless catback - drove all the way to Chicago to trade a friend's friend for the Magnaflow; enjoyed the chance to hang out with car guys my age, then ran an autox at Tire Rack on the way home!
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