What intake are you running?

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Just curious as to what everyone is running... Please include your displacement and opinion as well!
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mad tYte st0ckz0rz on a msm
its uhh...fine i guess?
aem here i come!
I'm running the RB elbow. Its a bit loud, but apparently does run cooler when the car is actually moving.

I'm not too sure if I'm happy with it or not... :p
Apexi Power Intake.

It's arites. Minimal power gains if any.
Running BMC Drop in. Had K&N and the apexi but those were too close to header. Plan on doing to cold air DIY like pogi. I have a 1.6

My turbo 1.6 Has K&N with custom piping and heat shield

I have an extra BMC BNIB if anyone inteested
Running the RB Elbow, it gets freakin' HOT though!

Long term, my plan is to run a MAP sensor, and kick the air filter down and back from the TB on the cold side in front of the alternator until I get my ITBs going. Depending on my level of motivation I might do this before I go MAP and just splice a second set of MAF wires in and run the maf on the passenger side so I can run MAF in stock loc, or leave it on the passenger if it turns out to be better there... we'll see.
I plan on doing a DIY CAI (all cold-side) going under/around the radiator with an FC AFM and K&N cone. Stay tuned!
free cone filter only for now, connected directly to the mas...hey it still works and i can feel the difference. awaiting my K&N direct replacement from MMmarketing. then i will do some piping relocation....all on stock intake pipe with 1/2 cut resonator. have many intakes laying around, just not one with a 90deg. elbow so i can cook one up myself =(
o btw. its a 1.8 if that makes sense to why i'm only using a cone filter 4 now and keeping stock air box.
Randal Cowl Induction. Do they even still make these. Oh BTW in carbon fibre!
maybe...i can check the catalog...there some ram styles from JR...
Monsterflow cone filter directly on the MAF with a Track Dog heat shield. I can't feel a difference from the stock intake with K&N, but it's lighter.

I can't tell if it's any louder b/c the exhaust drowns everything out. #-o
racing beat elbow w' k&n for the 1.6, for the most part im pleased
Stock air box with a DIY CAI/RAM AIR. Light cover NACD air duct to hose attached to intake elbow. minimal gains
Airbox removed, big K&N cone-type filter, custom metal intake arm from TB to MAF, powdercoated black, all on a '94 (1.8L) looks kinda nice...
1.8L with an AEM, currently running stock to see which gets better gas milage.
arc intake chamber to arc super induction box on my 1.8L. the cars seems to pull a little harder up top. there is an odd feel right before 4000 rpm when i'm hard on the throttle. i think its because the intake chamber doesnt have that little box(i cnat remember the name at the moment) that the stock crossover has. apparently mazda put it there for that reason. the intake, besides the dents form the hood looks amazing.
aem intake. good for high rpms and loud.

stock intake w/ cone filter is good for mid range
Apexi Power Intake.

It's arites. Minimal power gains if any.
+1. Does sound a little better though. This is on a 1.6L.
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