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I've owned the car for 6 years, put about 65k on it, about 50/50 highway miles. Kinda want to start a new project. Tell me what you'd expect some high school punk to pay for this.

Located in Sacramento.

2000 NB1 Miata
162k Original Miles
Clean Title, No Accidents
Just passed smog

OEM Hardtop w/ Jass Latches. 1 Year old paint, no headliner, no defroster
OEM Front Lip
OEM Side Skirts
OEM Mudflaps
Tinted 5% Rear, 20% sides, 50% front
5k LED Headlights

15x8 +36 Tungsten 6uls, No curb rash
205/50/15 Bridgestone RE11a 30% Tread
Stoptech Drilled/slotted/vented Rotors front and rear

Mishimoto Radiator and Shroud
Mishimoto Coolant Hoses
NB2 OEM Tubular Exhaust Manifold
Resonator Delete
RoadsterSport 3 Axelback
Spec Stage 2 Clutch
Garagestar Stainless Clutch Line

Megan EXII Coilovers
Boss Frog Clearview Rollbar

Kenwood Bluetooth Head Unit w/ Handsfree Calling
Pysclone 1000w Amp
250w 10' Subwoofer in Custom Trunk Corner Box
Footwell LED Lighting
3G Eclipse Vents

Replaced in the last 20k miles
OEM Water Pump
OEM Coil Pack
OEM Valvecover Gasket
Autozone EGR Valve
Gates Timing Belt
Autozone Brake Pads
OEM Crank Angle Sensor

Included with
A bunch of paperwork and receipts
NB1 OEM Exhaust Manifold with Catalytic Converter for smog
OEM Front Brake Rotors
A spare front sway bar

Being fully transparent...
no soft top
Motor burns a little oil. About a quart every 3k miles. Fairly common with this mileage
Driver seat is torn up, currently duct taped
a few minor scratches, nothing out of the ordinary for a car with 160k miles
Fog lights don't work.
A pillar has a small hole drilled in it from when I ran a gauge pod

That pretty much covers it.


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$4-6k is my gut feeling. I'd pay $4k, some young vapemonster punk with daddy's money closer to $6k.

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You could spend many hours of work to make entire dozens of dollars more in the end. :lol: There's just not a ton of money in the used aftermarket money on this car. Figure $400 for the Megans, minus cost to re-align it before sale. $100 or so for the frog arms. $600ish for the wheels. Roll bar maybe $400-500, but then you've got a car with a tore up interior, so worth less in "stock" form.

What's the target amount of money you want to get out of this?
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