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now smart's are girl's car ... ha ha ha

think of it as a big moped with a small plastic car shaped fairing and the same price as a base model mx5 :shock: and that's not even counting the Brabus "tuned" ones !

700cc semi auto with 80hp and £14000 ( $24000 ) !!! looks nice, design wise but also looks like it should be twice as fast !

drop a GSX1300R Hayabusa engine in it and sort the handling out and I would be interested :wink:

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Yeah if the sequential shift is anything like the one on the regular smart then I'd stay away from it entirely.

My GF has a regular Smart, and the gear shift is "interesting" to say the least, it takes quite a bit to get used to things like:
Approaching a roundabout in 6th, due to doing about 65-70 mph, braking and downshifting 3 times, as I know that I'll want 3rd gear to go round the roundabout, and then being out of gear for 10-15 seconds while the box works out what to do :shock: it definitely makes for interesting times.
Sometimes even shifting one gear can leave you in neutral for 2-3 seconds, and heaven help you if you shift the wrong way then try to correct it(up 1 then down 2, for instance)

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btw smart is coming to america in 07
I subscribed to Smart's on-line newsletter (for the heck of it) and just got this:

Dear Rich,

Recently, you inquired about smart automobiles and opted in for future information.

We are excited to announce that smart is coming to the United States!

The one-of-a-kind, urban-friendly smart brand will soon be sold here in the U.S., and UnitedAuto Group has been appointed as the distributor of smart vehicles in the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

Although the next generation of the smart fortwo isn't expected to officially go on sale in the U.S. until the first quarter of 2008, we wanted you to be the first to know of smart's arrival.

The smart fortwo will offer an advantageous price point, exceptional fuel economy, and environmentally friendly features.

Visit the newly redesigned smart website to learn more. If you want to remain a smart insider and continue to receive correspondence about smart products and events from UnitedAuto Group, remember to register when visiting.
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