What other forums do you visit?

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In otherwards, what forums do you at least visit once a week)

For me it's

MetroplexMiataEnthusiasts My homeboys! :lol: (Local Dallas/Fort Worth Miata group)

Team Pointless (Darkside) (The first forum to break off off the pointy board) (Hard to explain what this forum is)

ClubRoadster (Cool JDM Lovers forum) :D

LoneStarMiata (Local Wine and Cheese club not to active of a forum or a club)

PointyBoard (Mostly for reference)

SecondSkinAudio (Car Audio Forum)

I just found registered at another site.

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My list of "regulars" some just for reading (like Final Gear)
Final Gear
Grassroots Motorsports
Roadster Chat
SCR SCCA forum
and the pointy site... forum

And throw in some that I post autocross events to... and read just for a goof!
Foothill AX Club
Garage Journal (cool stuff!)
Imports NC
MS Protege

Yeah, that about does it...
See less See more guys spend waaaay too much time at online forums! Hahaha...

I only visit 3 regularly:

The last one, I hardly go to anymore...those guys are not nearly as fun as the Miata ones!

^-^ for a chuckle but not to post I'm on staff, and still a neon geek anyhow. SvA, and OT. Offtopic, mostly.
Darksideforums (but not the same one above, wierd coincidence; broke off general drama
miatanet (really, really rarely)- Haven't been in weeks.
clubroadster- here.
S2Ki- They suck, but i've scored some good parts. - mod! Religously since 1996 Since 2000 Since 1998 Since 2000 Since 2000 :mrgreen:

hmmm... I guess thats it. Im a light weight ;)
Nah, you just probably do work during the day. ;)

Boogievan: Forzacentral, huh? Good site, i've been there a few times. - It's a honda forum you will find me trash talking on...alot - All makes/models welcome tuner forum - Miata drifting forum
Boogievan: Forzacentral, huh? Good site, i've been there a few times.
heh thanks, I havent been nearly as active since I stopped playing forza but stop by once a week or so to bring the hammer down on evildoers. my name there is 194gvan
I checked in a few times, but I found I couldn't register because I kept going all fanboy about it after all the time i'd spent with it. For about 6 months after Forza shipped, I found that I just needed to stay out of the holy wars that were erupting. ;) I finally registered on the official MS-forza board, but that was just because I hadn't talked to one of the designers in forever and wanted to say hi, I still don't contribute there either.

That game is an evil, evil addiction. I mock people for being WoWheads, or evercrack fiends, but truth be told, Forza was/is my evercrack. :) (MINI forum... i used to own one. and i was famous on there.) (MINI again)

and the occasional teampointless lurking.
Dang! Another site to register to. #-o but i refuse to post just bought an 05 srt-4 trying to sell my old accord parts
but 90% clubroadster

and others less frequently. (GUUUUUNES represent!)
goonfleet/goonwaffe classifieds classifeds
See less See more - 626 enthusiast forum - uhhh not sure about this one :roll: - South Shore Roadster Club forum (a somewhat local club I'm in)
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