What the hell button is this?

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I've pressed that button a million times and flipped the **** out of that switch and it ain't doing jack.

I am so stumped as to what it's really supposed to do. :(
follow the wires to where it goes.
follow the wires to where it goes.
Then I'd have to rip apart something else in my Miata, and it's already in a ton of pieces. :(
It's not oem. There's not a bit of telling by just looking at it. You'll need to trace the wires.
Taking that bit of the center console off to see where it starts to go is really easy, it's only about 5 screws, and would probably give you an idea, or at least if it goes forward or back.
I bet it lights up a "kick me" sign on the back of your car everytime you push it!
Well, I guess that is what that plate is going to turn into on my car. Thanks for the idea! =D>
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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