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Ok I ran across this 91 silver 5spd miata. The guy claims it has something wrong with the engine/its already at the shop. He wants it gone NOW!!! Right now he is asking $600 for it. I am possitive I will not pay that for it. I am very broke but can afford a little.

The good: It is a miata and has a lot of good parts that I can use on my car. Interior is beautiful. It can also be a challange car (GRmotorsports) or even later a V8 Miata.

The bad: Needs 2 new fenders, new passenger door, new top (back class is torn), and new driver-side blinker. The engine prob is the legandary short nose crank, so to repair the 1.6L it would take a few hundred more dollars (+ the cash to tow it home). I also have 2 other projects; a 1990 Civic Hatch DX (to be my DD) and what will someday be a Turbo 1995 1.8L miata (w/all the bells and wistles).

Do I give up dibs on the car and let my friend buy it, allowing me to spend the money elsewhere?

Or do I buy it and sit on it for a while until I have the bank to get it running right?

If I buy it does anyone know where I can find a cheap 1.6L Crank w/front cover and oil pump?
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