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So finally getting ready to put on these wheels but I don't seem to have the right type of lug nut to install. :(

Wheels: 14x7/8 SSR MK-IIIs bolt pattern is 4x100. (Bought from JDM Land)

After some time on google it appears I may need Mag style or Shank style lug nuts.

Does anyone what correct Mag style lug nut I will need? I think my google searches are making me more confused.

I see some that have a very long shank length and others that are short. Yet both come up for 12mm x 1.5 studs.

The SSR lug hole measures approx 3/4" (.75") in depth so based on that these seem like these would be the correct lug nuts. If not any recos?

See pictures below for more info. And I can post more if it will help.

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