what would it take toget to around 160-180 rwhp

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well like the subject says im aiming for a minimum of 160 hp in my 1.6
and I was wondering what it would take to reach this goal? so far i only have a exhaust and fidanza flywheel as far as performance mods. i was thinking with IRTBs and a set of good cams plus a mild P&P on the head would be about as far as i can really afford to go

its not the hp number im looking at so much but i do somewhat care about my money to hp ratio, i know a greddy kit and a few cheap mods and i could be at 180 easy, but the call of the musical air horns is amazing
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You're not going to do it N/A, not without spending $10k+ on an engine and engine management.
yes 10 k is a fair estimate, you will most likely need to increase the displacement, do all new internals etc. you best bet would be to go forced induction of some sort esp. since you consider money matters a issue.
2.0l stroker worked over a bit.
2.0l stroker worked over a bit.
...Which again, will not be cheap (FM quotes a stroker kit at about $3500, and none of that includes disassembly or reassembly, etc).
Greddy with some mods and you're good for 180++whp.
+1 Greddy w. intercooler and MS. Try to find a Trust or ARC intercooler for extra RJDM points and instead of real engine management get 1/2 a dozen little boxes labelled rubic, profec, EIDS, SLD, FCD, etc. guys are yielding 180rwhp/170tq with 8 psi in a greddyand the ancillary stuff. ~$2k or less if you're fabricated-inclined.

that's easy-everyday-reliable-hp you CAN'T beat with a stick...but you CAN upgrade that for a little more.
get a supercharger. forced induction with the smooth power curve of an N/A car. i'm currently running only 6lbs on my 1.6 and seeing around 150whp. get a smaller supercharger pulley and you can make 180whp easily.
If you must stay with something like ITB's why not go that route with a wet nitrous system??? In any case you would have to make a choice regarding engine management, which is an expensive proposition to say the least. I just spent nearly $2k at FM on my hydra with wideband option, after checking out other less expensive options. The full standalone route was the best for me, because it gave me the option to tune any setup I decide to throw at the car, whether it be my current turbo setup, or an ITB setup in the future..
Another vote for the Greddy, for the cash you just can't beat it. You can upgrade everything on it and make some pretty decent power out of that turbo as you have more funds to spend on it.
i have a greddy for sale in really good condition if your considering FI its the base kit + ic kit + begi fmu and other goodies give me a call 512-351-1515
making 160 na would not be a big deal.

you can use your stock rods, get good rod bolts from arp and have them beam polished and shot peened and converted to floating pin, some high comp wiesco pistons, cams are cheap for that motor from hks, gets some springs and retainers. porting the head his huge, have a good place do it that has a flowbench. if you have money for itbs get em. an msd ingnition box and an apexi afc. and some ajustable cam gears with your cams degreed right will get you good power. itbs would need better management, and bolt ons like intake header and exhaust are a must and a nice light flywheel
Itb+n20, or JRSC tweaked, and then n20'd for even more power. That was my plan, but Im too chicken without good engine management
making 160 na would not be a big deal.
No big deal if you start with a 1.8L and add 3-5 thousand dollars to do all the work you just quoted. I wonder how much Keith has into his 145hp 1.6L?
making 160 na would not be a big deal.
No big deal if you start with a 1.8L and add 3-5 thousand dollars to do all the work you just quoted. I wonder how much Keith has into his 145hp 1.6L?
No one including him seems to know; he always seems to forget just how much stuff that engine has in it... :roll:
hey im interested in that turbo, its about 5am and im going to bed here soon (long memorial day party) but id like to know about what price you would like out of it?
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