What years of OEM radio will fit my '94?

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...So having not heard from Chrisnick in the month since I gave him money, I started the Paypal claim procedure, and am shopping for another OEM radio. There's some nice ones on eBay right now, but I'm unsure what years will swap into my car. The plugs look the same, but I'm concerned that there might have been pinswaps in the interim years, so i'm hoping maybe someone here knows more than I do.

Anyone have any ideas of what years to constrain myself to? All I really need is a single-din, single-disc CD, no changers, MSSSSSSsssSSSSss etc. If any of the new OEM players support MP3, and mate to my wiring, i'd love to know that too.

Anyone have ideas for me?
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i'm incredibly sorry, as you know, i lost my car because i didn't have job. :( i still have the radio just collecting dust on my bedroom shelf, and would be more than happy to ship it out. once again, i'm sorry for the misunderstanding, i didn't know you sent the payment. i didn't check this site because after i lost my car, i lost interest in miata sites and it completely slipped my mind. my friend never informed me of the payment, and it was just a complete mess. i'm sorry for the inconvience, and i'm more than willing to help you out if you still want the radio.
I can tell you for sure that for a Miata that has never had a MSSS system, you'll have to do some wiring adjustment. (needs a 12V power source). It's a very easy procedure.

All other non-bose will work fine with your Miata, just unsure if it'll fit.

Don't bother getting bose versions, too much work to get it functioning. Even then, the sound quality sucks.

If I were you, I'd get a MSSS radio. Its becoming harder and harder to get and are very valuable. It looks very nice for a double din system too.

If you want, you can buy other versions and pick/change as you please. That's kinda what I did. I sold my stock '93 radio, got a '05 tribute, now I have a '93 MSSS. Of all three, I really liked how the MSSS looked. It's very fancy and has many functions. Unfortuantely, my CD player function doesn't work. :evil:
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Nah, When my stock CD player that I was gonna get from ChrisNick fell through, I started investigating alternate solutions.

Passed on the Ford CD6, even though it looks to be a direct plug in swap, and I settled on a WRX stock headunit. I'll take pics when it's complete. Gets me a 6-disc changer in dash, plus cassette, and it lights up green.
Sounds like a good match. Can't wait to see pics and a write up with a description of pinouts, etc. Too bad you couldn't have popped for the Subaru Legacy McIntosh double-DIN unit. So sweet.
Never seen it... it's not too late to do that. Got pics?
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