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I don't have pictures, but I'll do my best to describe the car. Asking for a buddy who's not a member here.

Purple on tan 1 of 3000 built
Paint is nice, with a quality detail it will look new
Top is all good
Interior is fantastic for 12 years old no major wear at all
Maintinance history on the car going back several years, possibly to original purchase documents
6 speed w/3.9 torsen diff (yes factory on the 00 SE)
White backed guage cluster (again factory even though it's a 00 not an 01)
Little less than 130k

Here's the catch: salvage title due to basically "insurance padding" more or hit the curb on the right front in the wet and basically bent the lower control arm and broke the front lip. Subframe bolt holes were perfectly fine, seriously all that was replaced was the lower control arm and it was good as new but the estimate for repairs were way over inflated so insurance cashed out the car, owner bought it back, fixed it, now is considering selling.

It's worth a lot in parts alone, I know on the cheap end the 6 speed, driveshaft, 3.9 torsen, and axles will sell for 1500, I've seen them go locally for as much as 2300. The engine is a 00 so the head swap is worth a good 500-800 right there. Basically my friend is trying to figure out what's the least they should sell the car for complete based on what it would be worth if they parted it out (which they're more than capable of doing, and quickly).

Don't turn this into a "oh if you part it how much for this?" thread. I'm just looking for more input for them as to what they should sell it for minimum complete since they don't really want to part it.

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i picked mine up with 62K and a new top and extra tired for 7800
mine is #2249. idk if the build number would help with the price...

also didnt read the whole post. but with the salvage title.... my guess would be 4-5K...?
some could possibly use it as a track only car.
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