What's the most "out of character" thing you've ever done with your Miata?

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I mean, we all know what they're good for normally, but what have you guys done with your Miatas that just makes other people go "Miatas can't do that!"? Miatadam's thread about "holding up trailers" got me thinking on this.

For me, it's twofold.
1: The week I got it, i took it on some 4x trails. Minor piddleshit stuff, but keeping my foot on the gas over a muddy rise = spin on the way down, and I got high-centered in someone's foot-deep rut.

2: A few months ago, I got to tow a Honda with my Miata. Strapped his strut tower bar to my harness crossbar on my Harddog, and away we went.

Very un-Roadsterlike, but definately both occasions to remember.
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I ran a 12.9 at 115 mph at Moroso on the 1/4 mile.

That made many people that night say holy **** in unision :lol: :lol: lol
drove with the hard top on during days that were sunny & in the mid/upper 70's. =p
Once did a little pasture drifting in the midst of a tornado in my previous miata. Great stress relief.

Oh, and with the same car, I pushed a really heavy wood heater with my front bumper, because I alone couldn't budge it. But I knew a white beast that could. :lol:
I keep the top up. all the time.

I'd also say that "I drive over speedbumps without bottoming out" is also very un-miata.
i used it to carry my 4 rims with tires, 1 stock miata exhaust, & sideskirts for a s13.

(not at the same time of course) lol
Haha, i had to do similar a few weeks ago. WRX tires are taller than Miata so you can't do the usual 3 inside, one in the trunk.

I had to do 3 tires inside, one off the back of the trunk on a bikerack, oldschool caddy style vertically in the back. :)
I seated 6 people in my topless miata including myself. how?

2 people on the passenger, and 3 sitting behind the seat over the folded top.

i only drove for a block since there were speed bumps. My car was lower than peters.

and yeah.. you go girl!
drag race...

oh yeah, and drive while being straight.
I put 18 X 10.5 on the rear of my NB. 8)
I put some blizzaks on my 91 last winter and drove it the whole winter. Every snow storm I would be out f'ing around in the snow. Oh yea and passing trucks and suvs on the highway in a blizzard at like 55 mph got me more double takes than a britney spears look alike. Luckily I have my shitbox jetta to endure the winter this year and my 91 and 99 can both reside in peace.

Hands down......

91 miata + blizzaks + lsd = one of the best cars I have ever driven in the snow
If I washed my Miata that would be out of character... Luckilly I have yet to do so.
I guess a pic is worth 1000 words, lol
I had a girl in the passenger seat :shock:
Dang, that makes two of us. lol.
lol, I got your stuff boxed up for you so I'll ship it once I get back stateside :) Counting the days... 7 to go!
I had a girl in the passenger seat :shock:
Dang, that makes two of us. lol.
I actually had my WIFE in the passanger, AND driver seat OMG :shock: :shock:
thats a good way to sum up a thousand words miatadam: V8! very extraordinary!
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