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I found a RoadsterJDM yahoo group, but for some reason didnt find this site until today. Just got a 93 miata about a month ago, to ease the cost of my commute and take my pimp van off the road so I can bondo up some holes in the roof and re-do the interior.

wanted a 5 speed, rwd, good gas mileage, and under $5k. mr2s werent so badly priced, but real hard to find. everybody and their mother wants a 240sx, so I didnt. bought a miata sight unseen through ebay for $3760.

being the first miata ive ever been in im pretty impressed because of its go cart like handling, and the sound of the 1.6l is just music to the ears.

Eibach Lowering Springs
Koni Adjustable Shocks
Upgraded Swaybars front/back
Hard Dog Roll Bar w/padding
Set of 15" M Edition Wheels
Beige Soft top (small tear)
Stock Hardtop

Tenzo R Steering Wheel
AM/FM/CD/MP3 Player
New Kenwood 2-Way speakers in Front
5-Point Harness (Cam-Lock)

Anyone have their front bumper pushed in like that? can you fix that or do you just find another cover? I dont think a lip would match up with that side of the bumper.

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good to see im not the only one who thought I got a great deal.

one of the "purists" over at figured the car was worth $3500 tops, and even he wouldnt pay that much.

its got its flaws, the dashboard has some cracks in it, drivers side door has a dent on the back edge, front bumper pushed in, paint in mediocre shape.

I want to try and go crazy buffing the car because I have seen some piece of crap miatas end up looking almost brand new after a few hours worth of work.

anyways, love the site, lots of great resources for unique parts.
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