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Once upon a time, I had this car, purchased in the summer of 2000. I called it Sharka.

And I thought it was just hot shizz. It had Rotas and vinyl stripes and a dozen different suspensions.
I learned how to autocross and track with it.

I learned how to take photos with it. I used the car in weekly photography class assignments whenever possible.

And then it was crushed in a full-speed freeway hit. I came out okay, but my heart was broken.
I loved my Miata. I wasn't done with it yet.

So I scoured the internet and found a new one to rebuild with.

I drove it back from Ohio to New Mexico in the middle of winter.

I put on stripes. I tore down the dead car and put the good parts on the new one.

And after about six months, I got the car back to pre-wreck spec.

And then I kept tweaking...

and tweaking...

I added parts that I'd lusted after for a decade.

And then I started making my own parts for the car.

Guys wanted to buy the stuff I was making.

I started selling parts. And I just kept making new stuff.

And now I'm here, 16 years later.

I love my little Roadster. I don't get to spend as much time driving or wrenching now that I have to fill constant orders and keep making parts, but I still love my little Roadster. I can't imagine my life without it.

That's my favorite Miata story.

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This was a fun day. Worth re-posting. Maybe I'll just post my whole build thread here...

I got up early, hoping to score some Blue. We went to Combo's corner. Nothing.

Not a teenth to be found.

We went over to the Railyard for a cash drop.

We stopped at Gus Fring's Laundry. No lab there anymore, just a smoking hole. And, well, the Laundry.

No sign of Fring here either. And they changed the sign. Used to say Los Pollos Hermanos.

At least the sign is still inside.

Couldn't get into Jesse's old duplex. Someone changed the locks.

Pinkman wasn't at his house either.

We went to the Car Wash. Skyler told us to get the **** out. We obeyed.

We went here to blow off some steam and shred some tires. Lots of rubber was already in the lot. We added to it.

The DEA was closed. It was the weekend after all.

I checked the plant in the lobby. Sometimes there's a dead drop. Not today.

They converted Tuco's hideout to a coffee shop. Goddamn hippies...

We paid our respects to Gus Fring.

Sat on the roof and thought of what to do next.

Finally we went to the big man's house. I respectfully rang the bell. Heisenberg answered. SCORE!

Blue Sky at last!
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